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The Town of Burns lies in the northeast corner of La Crosse County in Wisconsin. It covers 52.5 square miles, or 31,154 acres. The Town of Burns consists of the large sprawling Burns Valley on Highway 162, as well as numerous smaller valleys and coulees branching off and the smaller Adams Valley on County Road DE. The southern border goes to the edge of the Village of Bangor, and Bangor Township, with the Village of Rockland cut out of the southeast corner. From there, Burns Township runs north along the border with Monroe County for twelve miles. The northern end is a narrow strip, bordered on the north by Monroe County again, and by the Town of Farmington on the west. Farther south, the Burns Township is bordered on the west by the Town of Hamilton. In 2002, it was home to 418 different landowners with a population of 1,040.

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